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19-20 May BMXing Park Blegny will host Rounds 7&8 of the BMX EUROPEAN CUP

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BMX’ing Park Blegny

The BMX club of Blegny and the city of Blegny are proud to welcome you to the BMX’ing PARK BLEGNY for the rounds 7 and 8 of UEC European cup 2018.

Located in the countryside near the center of Blegny (next to the cemetery), rue des frères Hackin, the track is 10 minutes from the highway.

Built in 2003, our tracks is located in a beautiful place, surrounded by green spaces.

The track is 380m length and has been relooked for these series, with a large rhythm section in the third straight.

In two words, this track is fast and safe!


The city of Blegny

At the borders of the Netherlands and Germany, in between Vesdre and Meuse, the Pays de Hervereveals a country of groves, hedges and orchards, expanded a remarkable heritage: 3 of the most beautiful Villages of Wallonia, the Abbey of Val-Dieu, BlegnyMine, the Three Bornes and the historic hearts of its communes. Brotherhoods, gildes, fairs, markets and carnivals (including the Cavalcade) testify to traditions of a rich past … A past whose Henri-Chapelle American Cemetery, the forts and museums remind us of the hours the darker. A network of walking routes and Cycling will delight nature lovers, and the ends gourmets will revel in local produce must-haves: Herve cheese, syrup, cider, beers, wines and chocolates. You would have understood it : your destination of a day or more is the Country Herve!


Blegny-Mine Witness of the coal industry in Liège, Blegny-Mine is one of the few coal mines in Europethe underground galleries, located at -30 and -60m, are accessible to visitors via the original well. The site is recognized as World Heritage by Unesco since 2012. For individuals and families, visit guided tour of the mine, permanent exhibition, walk in tortailleur, discovery of the biotope of the terril four languages: French, Dutch, English and German. For groups, guided tour of the mine in French, Dutch, English, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese from 15 people, on booking. The mine museum is closed in 2018 because of transformations.


The Commune of Blegny results from the merger of the communes of Barchon, Blegny-Trembleur, Housse, Mortier, Saive and Saint-Remy, on January 1, 1977. Thus was born the « Grand Blegny », while « Blegny » was first a small hamlet of Trembleur (whose name goes back to the Roman antiquity of Blanius). This « entity » with semi-rural and hilly landscapes has an area of ​​2607 hectares. As of January 1, 2018, its population is 13,311 inhabitants. Over the last forty years, the municipal institutions have been responsible for numerous sports infrastructures and the promotion of sport at school, through internships and via clubs and associations. On its track built in 2003 and soon on the one under construction at Saive Barracks, BMXing Park Blegny is an excellent example.



Place de la Gare 1 B-4650 Herve

T.+32 (0)87 69 31 70 – www.paysdeherve.be


General Information

Organisation:                          BMX’ing Park Blegny 

Location:                                  rue des Frères Hackin – 4670 BLEGNY 

Competition:                           UEC BMX 2018 European Cup Rounds 7 & 8 

Date:                                          18, 19 & 20 MAY 2018 


UEC Event Manager:            Mrs. Jolanda Polkamp, email: jolandapolkamp@gmail.com 

National Federation:             Belgian cycling 


  • A free parking place is situated next to the track for team managers, officials, riders and visitor 


  • The camping site will be open from Friday 18 may 09.00 a.m. to Sunday 20 may 20.00 p.m.
  • Price for the whole event (Friday to Sunday) is € 65,00 including toilets and showers.
  • Electricity available- yes.
  • Reservation required. 

Admission fee:                       

  • Saturday € 15,00
  • Sunday € 15,00
  • Passe-partout € 25,00 


  • UEC 2018 registered teams, € 150,00
  • Non-registered teams, € 200,00
  • Reservation required (see chapter 8)


By car

From Antwerp, take the E313 towards Luik àE25 E40 towards Aachen/Maastricht highway exit 36 BLEGNY, follow the signposts for “BMX’ing Park Blegny” and the event signs.

From Bruxelles, take the E40 towards Aachen/Maastricht àE25 E40 towards Aachen/Verviers, highway exit 36 BLEGNY, follow the signposts for “BMX’ing Park Blegny” and the event signs.

From Aachen, take the E40 towards Lüttich-Liège/Verviers, highway exit 36 BLEGNY, follow the signposts for “BMX’ing Park Blegny” and the event signs.


The provisions of the UCI’s BMX Rulebook in its latest version apply with a few amendments:

  • All Championship categories are seeded according to the current UCI Individual ranking.

The event on the second day is seeded using the Final Classification of the event on the first day;

  • For all Challenge categories scrambled seeding is used for the motos.
    The number of heats during the Motos and the number of riders in each such heat shall be determined as per Annex 1, based upon the number of riders entered and confirmed in the category following riders confirmation. Likewise, the number of riders who will transfer from the Motos into the Qualifiers or the Final (whichever the case may be), is chosen according to Annex 1. However, the riders are randomly distributed through these heats, such that the heats are not the same within each of the three Rounds of the Motos (source: UCI Rulebook article: 6.1.027quater).
    For more explanation of the scrambled moto and transfer system please refer to UCI Rulebook article 6.1.033


  • Rider’s equipment:
  • The use of interlocking pedal-cleat systems is allowed for categories 13 years and over.
  • All riders receive a number plate and side plate from UEC at registration of the UEC BMX European Cup Race. In all UEC sanctioned BMX events a rider must display the number plate and side plate assigned to him. A rider who fails to display the correct number plates will be refused their start, or relegated, if it is noticed after beginning a heat or run.
  • all Championship and Challenge riders must either wear a clearly visible national flag of their country on both shoulders or the national jersey of their country otherwise they will not be allowed to start.
    If a Championship rider is National Champion in their class, this rider must wear either:
    o the jersey awarded by the federation,
    o a replica of that jersey with publicity in the spaces allowed by the regulations,
    o their normal jersey with the left sleeve designed to look like the flag of their country.


  • When an 8 meter start hill is available, this start hill will be used by the Championship Classes. In case of bad weather conditions the UEC technical delegate and UCI PCP can decide in consultation with the riders to use the 5m starting hill, for safety reasons.


  • Number of motos: in case of special conditions (weather, wind or else) or a high number of participants, the UEC BMX Commission allows the PCP in agreement with the UEC Technical delegate to reduce the number of motos. This can only apply for challenge classes and never for championship classes.
  • Team Managers meeting will be on Friday 18th May at 16:00.

The participation is mandatory for:

  • 1 National Delegate (Chef d’Equipe)
  • 1 Team Manager of the UEC registered team
  • personal coaches with UEC accreditation

If necessary, the UEC Technical delegate and PCP can decide to call for other meetings during the event.

Registration deadline for riders

Registration deadline for riders is 02 may 2018.

UEC Registration Fee

Info coming soon


Info coming soon

Number plates and Side plates

Info coming soon

Welcome Center

The Welcome Centre is located at  “A Camarade” (address: rue de l’Institut, 5, Blegny – 500m from the track)

The Welcome Center will be used for:

  • Chef D’Equipe (registrations and meeting)
  • Officials welcoming
  • General information
  • Teams accreditations
  • Shops accreditations
  • Campsite check-in

Opening hours Welcome Center

Date Open Closed
Friday 18 May 9.00 a.m. 19.00 p.m.
Saturday 19 May 7.00 a.m. 19.00 p.m.
Sunday20 May 7.00 a.m. 15.00 p.m.

Trophies and prize money

For the Championship Classes:

The organizer shall bear the cost of the cash prizes for the four championship classes (Men and Women Elite, Men and Women Junior) for 2 rounds as per breakdown hereafter.

The prize money must be paid to the riders immediately after the award ceremony. Prize money will only be handed over on presentation of the riders’ UCI licence. Prize money that is not collected by a rider directly following the ceremony will not be paid out afterwards.

Only Championship riders who come in 1st to 3rd place are obliged to attend the award ceremony.

For the Challenge Categories:

Cups for places 1 – 8 for both rounds award ceremony.

Overall standing for Championship classes of the 2018 UEC BMX European Cup

The award ceremonies for Championships classes will be organized after the last event of the UEC BMX European Cup series.

The prize money for the overall standing of the 2018 UEC BMX European Cup will be paid to the riders by the UEC in accordance with the Competition rules as per enclosed breakdown:

Time Schedule

  • Friday :

Registration control by country / National Chef d’Equipe only from 11:00 to 13:00

Team Ranking Registration 11:00-13:00

Chefs d’Equipes meeting  at 16.00 (BMX track)


Training all classes:

13.00 / 14.45         20” (13 years to 25+)

14.45 / 16.00         20” (7 years to 12 years)

16.00 / 16.30         All 24 inches

16.30 / 17.00         Women Junior and Elite from 5m hill

17.00 / 17.30         Women Junior and Elite from 8m hill

17.30 / 18.30         Junior Men

18.30 / 19.30         Men Elite


  • Saturday

08.00         Warm up Bloc 1 (Cruisers and challenge 7 to 12 year)

08.30         3 motos Bloc 1

11.30         Warm up Bloc 2 (13 to 25+ year)

12.00         Warm up Bloc 3 (Championships classes)

3 motos Bloc 2 + 3

Finals all classes

Award ceremony all classes


  • Sunday

08.00         Warm up Bloc 1 (Cruisers and challenge 7 to 12 year)

08.30         3 motos Bloc 1

11.30         Warm up Bloc 2 (13 to 25+ year)

12.00         Warm up Bloc 3 (Championships classes)

3 moto’s Bloc 2 + 3

Finals all classes

Award ceremony all classes


According to number of entries this general program can be modified and presented during the Chef d’Equipe meeting that will be held as usual on Friday afternoon (16.00h)


Bloc 1: Cruisers and challenge 7 to 12 years

Bloc 2: Challenge 13 to 25+ years

Bloc 3: Championship Classes


Time schedule with reservation

Exact timing will be published on UEC website (www.uec.ch) after registration deadline

Team Area

Registration team area

Send your team area booking request to: teams@bmxblegny.be

Payment must be done on site to the Welcome Center from Friday 18 May 9.00am to 16.00 pm

  • Spaces for team tents, as close as possible to the track, of 6 x 3 m for each team registered UEC for that specific race, at the cost of € 150,00.
  • The organiser will provide spaces for team tents to non-UEC registered teams, of 6 x 3 m for each team, at the cost of € 200,00.
 Deadline: 11 May 2018

Ticket prices

Saturday € 15,00

Sunday € 15,00

Passe-partout € 25,0


The organiser offers the option of camping at the event.

The campsite is situated at rue Julien Ghuysen (follow the signposts for “CAMPING – BMX’ing Park Blegny”

Arrival from Friday 18 May 9.00 a.m. Leave on Sunday 20 May 20.00 p.m. at the latest.

Price: € 65,00 –

The campsite will be equipped with:

  • restrooms and fresh water.
  • chemical toilets disposal unit
  • showers
  • electricity

To reserve a place, fill the CAMPING FORM on the event website and send to

Deadline: 11 May 2018

Payments must be made in cash on arrival at the campsite and not at the welcome center.

access see map below


Sport & Tourism Accommodation Center BLEGNY
Rue Belle Fleur 3, 4670 BLEGNY
0032 4 237 98 77


Hotel ibis budget Liège

Rue de l’Arbre Courte Joie 380, 4000 Liège (Alleur)

0032 4 247 03 13



Hôtel Première Classe Liege

Rue de l’Arbre Courte Joie 330, 4000 Liège (Alleur)

0032 4 247 47 51



Hotel Restaurant Campanile Liège

Rue Jean-Baptiste Juppin 17-18, 4000 Liège

0032 4 224 02 72



Post Hotel

Rue Hurbise 160, 4040 Herstal

0032 4 264 64 00




Hotel Berneau

Rue de Battice 12, 4607 Berneau

0032 4 374 25 52



Hotel Le Midi

Rue du midi 9, 4800 Petit-Rechain

0032 87 32 17 50




More hotel solutions and accommodations can be found on www.trivago.be


Auto parking is situated 100 metres from the BMX track. This is free.


There will be several catering stands, where you can buy hot and cold food and drinks.


Info coming soon…


Located in the nature near the city center of Blégny,  rue des frères Hackin.


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